Two Oyster Recipes To Add To Your Oyster Bar

If you're planning to set up an oyster bar, either for a special event or as a part of normal dinner service, then it's great to offer your customers a few more unique options aside from classic raw and steamed oysters. These two oyster recipes will delight their taste buds and keep them coming back for more. Each recipe makes 50 oysters, so you should have plenty to fill the bar. [Read More]

Customers Will Love This Hearty Beef And Stout Stew This Fall

Stew may not seem like a typical dish to serve at your bar and grill-style restaurant, but when it is made with beer and hearty beef, it's sure to attract attention from customers during the fall and winter months. Add this beef and stout stew to your menu this fall. The recipe makes about 20 servings and is easy to keep warm on the stove, serving to order throughout the evening. [Read More]

Keep Online Order System Webpages Technically Simple But Informationally Detailed

If you own a pizzeria and have not yet set up a website that allows customers to order online because you think that would be too complicated, you might want to take another look. Having an online order system can both free up your employees to handle more kitchen duties and give customers a better idea of what you have available at your establishment. The key is to make customers see the options while still allowing them to pass through the system quickly. [Read More]

Healthy Italian Dinner Choices

If you love to eat out at Italian restaurants, then you probably understand that many Italian entrees are made with cheese or meat. These are not the best choices for someone who is worried about their heart health. However, what you might not know is that Italian cuisine is also full of heart healthy entrees that are satisfying and filling. Below is a list of some of the amazing Italian meals that are perfect for someone on a heart-healthy diet. [Read More]