Italian Food: Life Beyond Lasagna

You may love going out to eat at a nice Italian restaurant. But did you know there is far more to Italian cuisine than just ravioli and spaghetti? If you're interested in expanding your culinary horizons the next time you head to your favorite Italian restaurant, here are the basic dishes of two very different regions. Venetian Cuisine In Venice and the surrounding area, known as Veneto, the cuisine is quite different than what an American typically thinks of Italian food.

Craving Italian? 5 Ways To Keep It Healthy

Going out for Italian food is really hard to beat, because there are so many great choices that are full of flavor on the menu. Although Italian food in general is really healthy, it can be easy to add things onto your dishes that turn them into more of an unhealthy choice. The next time you go out for Italian food, follow these five steps in order to ensure that your meal is healthy and tasty at the same time.

Two Great Chicken Burger Recipes To Add To Your Bar And Grill Menu

Do you find that many of your patrons are looking for healthier options at your restaurant? A great way to provide them with the healthier meal they prefer without veering too far from the traditional bar and grill-style menu is to start serving chicken burgers. They're lower in fat than beef burgers, but they're still packed with flavor and easy to make on a standard flat-top grill. Here are two chicken burger recipes your guests will love.

Live Entertainment For Your Restaurant: 3 Restrictions To Be Wary Of

You'd be surprised at just how much live entertainment can spice up the atmosphere at your restaurant and enhance your customers' overall experience. In fact, 84% of participants in a recent study claimed that music helps create a better atmosphere for the customers, and 47% of owners or managers believe that having live entertainment says something about who they are as a business. Although taking a look at the talent available in your local area may seem like a good idea at first, make sure you check in to see how the following three restrictions may dampen the live entertainment experience.

3 Tips For Making Restaurant-Quality Pizza

Pizza: It's a favorite for almost everybody. While a takeout pizza will do, there's something special about a delicious pizza made from scratch in a restaurant. Sometimes, though, restaurant-quality pizza isn't available, but you still need to satisfy that craving. That's where the three tips listed below come in; read on for three tips to help you make a tasty, restaurant-quality pizza at home.  1. Cook on the Right Surface

4 Things You Need To Know To Narrow Down Your Choice Of Party Caterer

Choosing the perfect catering service for your party shouldn't become the most difficult decision ever. Unfortunately, many people become overwhelmed by the sheer amount of restaurants and other places that offer catering services. Here are a few tips for narrowing down your options to the best one. 1. Know Your Budget You should already know the important details of your party and approximately how much everything will cost. This should leave you with how much you have left to allocate to catering services.

Pizza, Pizza! Try These Different Styles Of Pie

Most people are familiar with traditional New York style thin crust pizza. Fast food restaurants and smaller Italian joints alike love to offer up their pizza pies to the hungry masses. But there are other types of pizza that you might not be familiar with that are equally as tasty. Read on to learn about some more unusual ways to make a delicious pizza pie. Bar Style Much like Tapas, which is a smaller meal often devoured at a bar, there are smaller versions of the normal large size pizza that you might find at your local pub.

Signature Items To Order At Seafood Restaurants In Every Region Of The United States

Seafood is a delicious treat to be enjoyed in every coastal region of the United States of America. While shrimp, crab, and fish are found on the menus of all seafood restaurants, each area of America has it's own regional delicacies that are not to be missed when traveling through each place. So pour yourself a glass of white wine and get ready to savor the possibilities on your next trip to the beach.

Commercial Food Holding And Warming Equipment: Three Top Choices For Any Restaurant

Most restaurants need solutions for holding hot foods. Holding and warming equipment keeps cooked foods warm and fresh and at the recommended temperature while waiting to be served to customers. If you're looking for such equipment for your restaurant kitchen, here are three excellent choices to consider:   1. A Cook and Hold Oven This option offers the most versatility, allowing you to cook and hold your prepared food at the correct temperature until ready to be served.

Try This Next-Day Multigrain Pizza Crustthe Next Time You Make Homemade Pizza

Pizza is a food most people typically think of ordering out -- but you can make delicious homemade pizza if you're willing to put in the time. The next time you turn your kitchen into a pizza parlor, try using this multigrain pizza crust as the base for your pies. Made with oat and whole wheat flour, it is high in fiber and rich in flavor. Just make sure you plan ahead -- it has to rest in the refrigerator overnight before you can use it.