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Tips For Creating A Successful Bar And Grill Menu

When you're creating a new bar and grill, you have an opportunity to really set yourself apart as a new neighborhood destination. If you're new to owning a food service establishment, it is important to take some time to carefully create your menu. Here are a few tips to help you create a suitable, profitable menu for your new bar and grill.

Focus On Your Concept

When you're looking to offer food that your guests are sure to order, create menu options that fit your restaurant concept. After all, if you're building an atmosphere that's light, airy and healthy, offering a menu of high-fat, high-carbohydrate foods won't cater to your intended customer base. If you still want to offer traditional "fried" bar foods, consider investing in an air fryer for a lighter alternative.  

Create a Twist on Tradition

With an increasing number of people focusing on healthier choices, consider offering a traditional bar menu with a new spin. For example, since everyone looks forward to sliders and wings at most bars, consider offering veggie sliders, zucchini fries and other lighter, healthier choices.

Incorporate Affordable, Convenient Ingredients

To increase the profitability of your menu, plan it around foods that are quick to prepare with affordable ingredients. Sometimes, pre-cooked and frozen foods that are fast to fry or heat under the broiler will be The faster your foods are to turn around, the quicker you'll turn over tables. Additionally, when guests at the bar are enjoying snacks and other food, they're often more likely to order an extra drink or two. Either way, you'll have a greater chance at more sales.

Buy Your Ingredients in Bulk

Although buying from local sources is great, you may find that a cost-effective menu is easier when you buy your ingredients in bulk. Even if it means visiting a local warehouse store, bulk buying often saves you significantly in your per-unit pricing. This will allow you to earn more revenue per dish without having to charge your customers more.

Creating the perfect bar and grill will take time and effort. The menu itself is a key component of your new venture, and it will be a key part of what creates the brand identity that your customers will come to know. Think not only about what you want to offer, but also what you want your menu to say about your establishment. With the tips here, you'll be able to create a menu that reflects the message you hope it will. For more tips or to check out another bar and grill, visit a place like Buzzard Billy's.