Two Beers Perfect For Watching The Summer Ballgame Besides Your Normal Lager

If you're heading out to your favorite sports bar to watch the ballgame this weekend, then you should try a new beer. Lots of people stick with the same tried and true lager, but you should think about expanding your horizons and try one of the many other styles beers that are out there. There are two types of beers listed below. Here is a brief description of what they are so you will know which one you might like to try first. [Read More]

In Or Out? Catering Options For Your Wedding At The Beach

From choosing the dress and sending out invitations to shopping for d├ęcor, it is easy to see the struggles of planning a wedding. Planning all of these details can be challenging for many brides and grooms, so it is not surprising to learn that an estimated 15 percent of all weddings are destination weddings. Unfortunately, designing a menu for your wedding at the beach can be complicated, since you may want to have a beachfront ceremony and reception. [Read More]

Dining Out With Elderly Parents? How Adult Children Can Make The Most Of Each Restaurant Outing

Adult children who spend time with their elderly parents are not only maintaining a strong, loving relationship, they are also positioning themselves to track any changes that may be occurring regarding their parent's physical and mental health, including mobility and cognitive issues. When the visits take place primarily at the parent's home where the surroundings are very familiar, these changes may be difficult to discern. To get elderly parents out of their comfort zone and make it easier to spot changes or issues, adult children may want to consider taking mom and dad out for a restaurant meal on a regular basis. [Read More]

Five Seafoods That Are Good For You And The Environment

Fresh fish and seafood are popular entrees at restaurants. They are typically low-calorie sources of protein and healthy fats. Seafood and fish also have less connective protein than other meats, like red meat. This means it is a more readily available source of protein for the elderly or others who may not have the best teeth for chewing anymore. Fresh seafood is also a good source of omega-3 fatty acids. The  U. [Read More]