Choosing Better Restaurants

Four Options for a Unique Dining Experience for the Whole Family

Who doesn't love not having to cook dinner every once in awhile? There are many large restaurants you could choose from, but if you want a unique dining experience, there is always a small diner. When you think of eating in a diner, you probably think of waitresses dressed in poodle skirts, cadillac car-bench seating, and a big, juicy burger! But there are so many themes around the diner world, the choices are just about endless. Check out these four examples of popular themed diners that you can find scattered around the world.

Fifties-Style Diners

There are many different style diners out there, but the fifties-style diners seem to be the most prevalent. From the chrome exterior siding to the black-and-white checkerboard floors, these diners provide a fun way to experience dining in the past by going back in time. Breakfast is often a specialty in these diners but not the only thing they offer; meatloaf, chicken fried steak, and big juicy burgers are almost always on the menu in these diners.

Kid-Centric Diners

How about a diner that is specifically aimed at the kids? With food and meals designed for them along with fun stuff like paper cars they can put together or projects they can take home and assemble, these diners are as much about the experience as they are the food. Kids of all ages will love them! So gather everyone up in the family truck and go grab a burger!

Motorcycle-Themed Diners

Believe it or not, there are several diners around the United States that are based around old and new motorcycles. Not to be confused with a biker bar or hangout, these are nice diners built completely around people's infatuation with the motorcycle lifestyle. If you are a die-hard motorcycle fan, this type of diner might be just the destination for you! Maybe a road trip to one of these diners on your motorcycle is worth it for the experience alone.

Family-Style Dining

Although not as common as the fifties-style diners, family-style diners and restaurants can be another fun option for a night out with the family. With meals served in large bowls or on platters, you sit down and pass the food around the table, sharing one meal with the entire family. This is a lot like eating at home but without having to spend the time cooking and preparing the meal.

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