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Own A Pizza Restaurant And Want To Deliver HOT Pizza? Three Options For Your Business

Pizza is one of the leading fast foods in America. It ranks right up there with cheeseburgers and hero subs. If you are just opening a pizza restaurant all your own and want to be able to offer pizza delivery to your customers, you just need a few good drivers who know the town. However, if you want to deliver fresh, hot pizza, then you need something more than just fast drivers. Here are some options for your business, ranked from least expensive to most expensive, low-tech to high-tech.

Thermal Pizza Delivery Bags

These are "coolers" for your hot pizzas and hot pizza-related foods. The boxed pizzas and hot foods go directly from the oven into the box and then slide into the thermal pizza delivery bags. Depending on the bags you use, they will keep the pizza hot until your driver reaches the customer, or up to an hour, whichever comes first. They are the cheapest option, costing quite a bit less than the portable heating ovens for the back ends of your drivers' cars and immensely less than the cars that have ovens built into the sides of the cars.

Portable Warming Ovens

This option is more commonly used by catering chefs to keep food warm and at a safe serving temperature, but they can work equally well as warming ovens for your pizzas. Every driver that works for you will need to have one of these installed in his or her vehicle, which does not require much more than a good chunk of space in the backs of their vehicles and a long cord to help plug them into their cigarette lighters. Because they are considered professional chef's equipment, they are priced to sell as professional chef's/caterer's equipment. However, they do provide you the opportunity to expand your delivery territory because they can keep food warm/hot indefinitely.

Cars with Built-in Ovens

By now, you have probably seen the cars made for a major pizza chain that have built-in ovens on the sides of the vehicles. These are exceptionally expensive because there is nothing else like them anywhere. However, if you have enough money built into your start-up capital, you might want to purchase one of these bad boys. They can carry more than a dozen pizzas in the built-in warming ovens, allowing your drivers to make several deliveries and never once deliver a pizza that is lukewarm or cold.

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