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Two Beers Perfect For Watching The Summer Ballgame Besides Your Normal Lager

If you're heading out to your favorite sports bar to watch the ballgame this weekend, then you should try a new beer. Lots of people stick with the same tried and true lager, but you should think about expanding your horizons and try one of the many other styles beers that are out there. There are two types of beers listed below. Here is a brief description of what they are so you will know which one you might like to try first.

Belgian Ale

Belgian Ales are world famous for the amazing flavor and aroma. They were originally created by Monks, which is why you will often see them referred to as Trappist style. There are still some monasteries that produce ale (Chimay and Westmalle, for example) but you can also get Belgian-style ales made by regular breweries. Also, the ale doesn't have to be imported from Belgium. There are lots of Belgian-style beers, including beers made in Canada and New York.

The Belgian ale will have a very floral and citrus aroma. Some of the beers have hints of raisins, citrus rind, and even spices such as cardamon. When you are served a Belgian ale, it will normally be served in a tulip glass. They are come in many shades (anywhere from gold to reddish brown) and tend to be heavy on the alcohol, so you won't want to pound them back if you're used to low alcohol lagers.


IPA stands for India Pale Ale. These beers were made in England for export to India. They were consumed by English who were living abroad in India. They had a bit more alcohol than regular ales that the English drank and they also had a much more hops than other beers. They have become very popular in recent years with many micro-brewers making IPAs, so you might be able to sample a local brewer's offering.

The main flavor component of an IPA is the hop. Hops are dried flowers that are added to the mash to flavor the beer. These hops give the ale a very unique floral and slightly bitter flavor. IPAs are very hop heavy, so the beer will smell wonderful, almost like being in a flower garden, and it will have a nice bitterness that makes it perfect for sweet and savory foods like chicken wings and burgers. These ales tend to have alcohol contents in the 5-7 percent range.

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