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Live Entertainment For Your Restaurant: 3 Restrictions To Be Wary Of

You'd be surprised at just how much live entertainment can spice up the atmosphere at your restaurant and enhance your customers' overall experience. In fact, 84% of participants in a recent study claimed that music helps create a better atmosphere for the customers, and 47% of owners or managers believe that having live entertainment says something about who they are as a business. Although taking a look at the talent available in your local area may seem like a good idea at first, make sure you check in to see how the following three restrictions may dampen the live entertainment experience.

Noise Limits for Both Your State and City and for Your Customers

Although having live entertainment at your restaurant can be a wonderful experience, you first need to consider what the noise limits are of your state and city. Depending on whether your restaurant is situated close to a residential neighborhood or within the heart of the city, the noise limits may differ. You want to make sure that the live entertainment performs well below the limit to avoid annoying any of your neighbors nearby, as this could potentially ruin your restaurant's image.

In addition, you want to consider the noise limit appropriate for the design of your restaurant. Although your customers may love the music, they also want to enjoy each other's company and be able to hear each other without having to yell. In general, an acceptable noise level produced by DJs falls between 93 to 99 dB

Music Curfews for When the Performance Must End

After defining what the noise limits are for your area and for your restaurant, it's important to consider whether there are any music curfews. The music curfew is the allotted time for when all live entertainment must stop performing. Depending on when your restaurant is open, the music curfew of your area may have a huge effect on your restaurant. Based on the music curfew, consider whether you will be paying the live entertainers by the hour or a fixed rate.

Availability of Electric Circuits and Equipment

Once all of the legal technicalities have been defined and looked at, it's important to consider whether your restaurant will have enough electric circuits, or even equipment, that the live entertainers may need for some of their instruments and tools. For example, an electric guitar needs to be plugged into an amplifier, which then needs to be plugged into an outlet. This may put a damper on who you can hire and the type of live entertainment that will be suitable for your restaurant. Some live entertainers may not require any electric outlets, especially if they'll be playing the guitar or the drums. 


You'd be surprised at just how much live entertainment can spice up your restaurant and get your name out there. Before you start scouting around for talent, make sure you address the restrictions stated above, as they will have a huge influence on who can and cannot perform at your venue. 

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