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3 Tips For Making Restaurant-Quality Pizza

Pizza: It's a favorite for almost everybody. While a takeout pizza will do, there's something special about a delicious pizza made from scratch in a restaurant. Sometimes, though, restaurant-quality pizza isn't available, but you still need to satisfy that craving. That's where the three tips listed below come in; read on for three tips to help you make a tasty, restaurant-quality pizza at home. 

1. Cook on the Right Surface

A pizza stone is crucial for creating a restaurant-style pizza. A pizza stone will absorb and distribute heat more evenly than a regular cookie sheet, which means that your crust will cook more evenly and come out more crispy. You can also use a pizza stone to more closely simulate a restaurant-style pizza oven by really cranking up the heat. Many frequent at-home pizza makers swear by pre-heating their pizza stone for an hour on your oven's highest temperature setting and then cooking the actual pizza on the broil setting for just five to seven minutes.

2. Pre-Cook Your Crust

Another trick for ensuring a crispy crust, arguably one of the most distinguishing features of a restaurant pizza, is pre-cooking the crust. Cooking it alone for a few minutes before adding your toppings will help prevent the pizza from becoming doughy or soggy. Additionally, poking your pizza dough with a fork will help keep the crust from rising too high and creating air bubbles; if you like the crust to be risen but the rest of the pizza dough to stay flat, simply avoid poking the edges of the pizza dough.

3. Use the Right Ingredients

There are two parts to this tip. First, since you are already saving money by cooking a pizza at home instead of going out, it's worth it to most to spend a little more money on quality cheese, sauce, and toppings; the fresher the better is almost always the case when it comes to cooking. The second part of this tip has to do with using your ingredients in the right way. Don't overdo it on the sauce--it will make your pizza soggy, no matter how high the temperature on your oven was turned up. Also, when it comes to cheese, make sure you use low-moisture mozzarella; other kinds will make your pizza soggy and greasy.

Restaurant-quality pizza is amazing; it's almost indisputable. When going out to a restaurant is not an option, but you're dying for a high-quality piece of pizza, give the three cooking tips discussed above a try, and enjoy your meal! 

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