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Pizza, Pizza! Try These Different Styles Of Pie

Most people are familiar with traditional New York style thin crust pizza. Fast food restaurants and smaller Italian joints alike love to offer up their pizza pies to the hungry masses. But there are other types of pizza that you might not be familiar with that are equally as tasty. Read on to learn about some more unusual ways to make a delicious pizza pie.

Bar Style

Much like Tapas, which is a smaller meal often devoured at a bar, there are smaller versions of the normal large size pizza that you might find at your local pub. Bar pizza is usually big enough for one person to eat while they're enjoying a couple of drinks. The crust is thinner than most pizzas, but not crunchy, and it's usually covered with Parmesan after the sauce has been added to the crust. They're really designed to be a quick snack for drinkers so they have something delicious yet small to put in their belly.

Chicago Deep Dish

As the name implies, this pizza style originated in the Chicago area, but it's quickly become a nationwide success. Unlike your usual pizza where the cheese is on top, traditional Chicago style pizzas are made backwards: The cheese is layered on the bottom, toppings come next, and then a ladle of sauce sits on the top. And, unlike New York's famous thin crust, these pizzas are served on an ultra thick, buttery, soft crust.

Grandma Style

Similar to a Sicilian pizza, grandma style pizza is usually rectangular in shape with the pieces cut into squares. It originated in the Northeastern part of the US, and the soft crust is coated with real olive oil. Sauce is optional, but no matter what else is added, real fresh mozzarella must be used in order for it to truly be authentic. Don't forget the fresh basil and oregano as well!

New Haven

This pizza is unusually shaped, resembling a more oval or oblong look. It's also much larger than your typical pizza with a slight char to the crust. It's a little more chewy and dry than the New York pizza you can find nearby. Most New Haven pizzas are cooked in brick and coal-fired ovens and are not usually sold by the slice. You'll need to plan on taking some home or ordering it with friends. Popular toppings include grated pecorino cheese and oregano. No matter what your favorite pizza is, it's always fun to experience the many different styles that can be found across the country.

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