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Signature Items To Order At Seafood Restaurants In Every Region Of The United States

Seafood is a delicious treat to be enjoyed in every coastal region of the United States of America. While shrimp, crab, and fish are found on the menus of all seafood restaurants, each area of America has it's own regional delicacies that are not to be missed when traveling through each place. So pour yourself a glass of white wine and get ready to savor the possibilities on your next trip to the beach.

South Carolina/Georgia (aka "The Low Country")

Low Country Boil

The swampy coastal region, otherwise known as the Low Country is located near the Atlantic Ocean and is home to the fantastic dish known as the Low Country Boil. A Low Country Boil consists of shrimp, crawfish, red potatoes, and corn, and is seasoned with bay leaves, chili powder, garlic, salt, pepper. These items are all steamed together in the same pot.

New England

Lobster Rolls

Lobster rolls are hot dog buns that are filled with lobster meat, mayo, butter, scallions, salt, pepper, and lemon. Lobster is abundant and affordable in this area of the country, with lobster rolls appearing on every seafood restaurant menu.

Clam Chowder

Clam chowder can be found on the menus at most seafood places but originated in New England. There are two varieties found in this area; the traditional cream-based chowder or a tomato based version that is known as "Manhattan Style."

Southern United States

She-Crab Soup

She-crab soup is made from the female blue crab's meat and roe, with sherry and cream added for good measure. This is a delicacy you will find in coastal towns from North Carolina to Alabama.


Oysters Rockefeller

Oysters Rockefeller perfectly encompass the decadence of New Orleans. With a rich buttery sauce and bread crumbs baked on top of the delicious bi-valves, this treat was invented in the Big Easy and is still served here to the delight of everyone who experiences the rich dish.

Pacific Northwest

Cedar Plank Salmon

Salmon is a large part of the local cuisine in the Pacific Northwest. Traditionally in this area, salmon is smoked on cedar planks and served with a dill laden tarter sauce. Side dishes include mashed potatoes and salads featuring regional items such as hazelnuts and blackberries.

Whatever coast you end up at, remember to sample the regional delicacies so that you can enjoy them the way that they are supposed to be prepared, or so you can try a new dish that you may never have encountered before.

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