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4 Uncommon Pizza Ideas You Can Use For Dinner Tonight

If you are like most people, pizza is always a great idea for a meal. However, after having the same combinations all the time, you might start to want something a little different. Here are some uncommon ideas that will help you and your family to have new pizza experiences.

Taco Pizza

You can mix taco night with pizza night in your home by using some of the same ingredients you use on a typical pizza with a few changes. Instead of marinara sauce, for instance, you might want to use salsa or a refried bean paste on a pizza crust.

For toppings, you can use the kinds of ingredients you might put into a taco. Some ground beef and cheddar cheese might be appropriate, and you might want to also sprinkle a bit of cayenne pepper or chili powder across the top to add some kick to the flavor. Warm the entire pizza up as you would with a regular pizza and enjoy.

Greek-Style Pizza

You can mix a Greek gyro with a traditional Italian pizza very easily. For this pizza, use a pre-made Greek tzatziki sauce instead of marinara. Tzatziki sauce is generally made by combining greek-style yogurt with cucumber, a bit of lemon juice and dill, resulting in a unique taste on the tongue. 

The pizza can then be topped with chopped lamb as you'd eat in a gyro. Sprinkle some sage on next. Finally, put some bits of goat cheese across the top of the pizza and heat it up.

Sea Pizza

If you're a seafood fan, you might never have imagined having a pizza filled with the seafood you love so much, but a sea pizza can be delicious. You can melt some butter, chop some garlic and add a splash of lemon juice to create a basic garlic sauce for your crust, and then top with whatever kind of seafood you like. You might chop some cooked lobster, or you can use cooked crayfish, shrimp or mussels. Add some mozzarella or provolone cheese, or some vegetables, to make this pizza even more flavorful. Warm and serve.

Pizza for Dessert

Even if you have already had a meal, you can still enjoy pizza as dessert. Unlike the other pizzas, this one can be served cool. A plain, pre-cooked pizza crust can serve as a dessert base, and you can top it with all kinds of sweet concoctions. You might want to mix powdered sugar, cream cheese and a splash of milk together to act as a creamy "sauce" to spread on the crust, and then top it with fresh fruit slices and chocolate chips.

Try each of the ideas in this article to see what kind of pizza most appeals to your family. For even more unusual toppings and flavor combinations, check out local pizza restaurants in your neighborhood, like Uno Chicago Grill, to see what they've come up with.