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Reasons To Have Your Wedding At A Banquet Center

When you get engaged, there a lot of decisions to make regarding your big day. When you want to celebrate in a big way with an unforgettable reception, one big consideration is the venue. You have options, including churches, luxury private residences, or banquet centers. If you are on the fence about renting out a banquet center for your wedding, here are a few benefits to doing so. 

Easy Catering 

Many banquet centers are built to provide full-service catering. When you choose a banquet center as your venue, it's highly likely that the venue will have a kitchen and wait staff available. Not to mention, they provide menus that have been tried and tested on many weddings before you, and they know what works for weddings. From easy-to-eat (and non-sloppy!) finger food to elegant but cost-efficient sit-down meals, they'll have it figured out already.

Dedicated Space

Banquet centers are great wedding venues because they are built to host weddings. As opposed to a makeshift venue, your banquet center will have a large enough space for the reception, a gorgeous outdoor space for wedding pictures, an intimate area for the vows, and rooms for the bride and groom to get dressed in. Before you book a venue, be sure to ask the manager how they plan to hold or entertain guests while other areas are being staged. 

Ample Guest Parking 

Another benefit to banquet centers is the parking. When you have a reception in someone's home, parking will be an issue no matter how upscale it is. Nobody likes to drive around looking for parking, then walk far in nice clothing and high heels. Many venues will also provide valet services so your guests can focus on enjoying your wedding and not how horrible parking was. Be sure to tell guests which parking spaces are off-limits (if applicable).

On-Site Wedding Coordinator

Possibly the biggest bonus to getting a banquet center is the on-site wedding coordinator. If your venue focuses solely on hosting weddings, the chances are good that they also keep a wedding coordinator on retainer to plan weddings. You can feel comforted knowing this coordinator is trusted by the venue to pull off an amazing bash. Not to mention, they'll know the ins and outs of the venue, which will make your wedding flow smoothly. When you first meet with your wedding planner, it's a good idea to bring pictures to show them the vision that you have for your big day.

You have many choices when it comes to picking a venue for your wedding, but the benefits of banquet centers can't be denied.