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Were Your Anniversary Plans Thwarted By Illness? Ways To Have A Low Key, Yet Meaningful Celebration At Home

Most people envision celebrating their anniversary out of the house. Maybe you thought you would spend yours taking in a Broadway-style show, eating at a nice restaurant, or getting out of town for the weekend. Unfortunately, life happens and your partner may find themselves feeling unwell and not wanting to go out. Fortunately, this doesn't have to put a damper on your celebration. Here are a few ways to have a low key, yet meaningful anniversary celebration at home if your loved one is not feeling up to going out.

Order Chinese Food Delivery

If your loved one is not feeling all that well, they may not feel up to eating much. However, you likely do. Chinese food delivery can be the perfect compromise. Your loved one can get a Chinese soup, such as egg drop or wonton soup. The chicken broth will help them stay hydrated and can help to ease a sore throat. And you can enjoy some of your favorite Chinese dishes, such as fried rice, chow mein, or broccoli beef. And if you want to make your meal a bit romantic, light a few candles and put on some love songs.

Cuddle Up and Watch Sentimental Movies

If your partner is really feeling under the weather, they may want to do nothing more than lay in bed and rest. Fortunately, this doesn't have to ruin the evening. If you are a romantic at heart, take the time to think back at what movies may be sentimental to you and your partner. Did you go to a movie for your first date? If so, what did you see? Rent the movie and enjoy taking it in now that your relationship has progressed. Or do you have a movie that you saw together on another important night in your relationship? Rent it or watch it on Netflix. Your loved one can rest in bed and enjoy the thought that you put into the night, while you can soak in the memories that go along with watching movies that are important in your relationship.

Have Game Night

Another great way to spend the night if your partner is feeling ill is to play board games. Many couples enjoy being competitive with one another, yet rarely find the time to play card, board, or even video games together. Sitting in a chair and playing doesn't take much effort from your sick loved one, yet you both get to interact and enjoy the evening. You can even wager on the game, allowing the winner to pick a restaurant, movie, or other activity when both parties are feeling up to it.

Having a partner who is sick on an anniversary can be a buzzkill. But it doesn't have to ruin your special day. With the right attitude and changing your plans around, the night can still be fun and romantic. Consider ordering Chinese food, watching movies together, or playing games. You can enjoy each other's company without having to ever leave the house.